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Date d'inscription : 2018-04-09

PostSubject: GoldenHoops   Mon 9 Apr - 16:07

Hi everyone

I am GoldenHoops, manager of BBC Golden Hoops. I am only back for 1.5 seasons but older managers might have known my previous team BBC The Vikings, which I managed from season 3 until season 8.

Back then I was too young to really develop a long term strategy. I only wanted to have the biggest arena and I paid way too much for 18 year olds from small nations. However, I liked scouting and training those youngsters. In those seasons had several NT players, of which 1 for Belgium. Therefore I know how important to role of a scout is, in guiding other managers when training players for a NT.  

So now I am (10 years) older and ready to build a team with a long term strategy. While playing, I noticed that I did not unlearn the basics of this game and with the guidance of Angi my training skills were refined. So I would like to thank Angi for asking me to become I scout and making me (even more) enthusiastic.

I’m looking forward to convey my – in comparison to all of you guys – limited experience to other mangers, to help them build strong players.
I’m glad to be part of this team, and I’ll do my best to contribute as much as possible.

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Date d'inscription : 2018-04-09
Age : 19
Localisation : Liège

PostSubject: Re: GoldenHoops   Mon 9 Apr - 16:14

Happy to see my II.2 mate joining the staff just like me Smile
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Date d'inscription : 2009-11-03
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Localisation : Anvers

PostSubject: Re: GoldenHoops   Tue 10 Apr - 1:42

we all know the best staff is in II.3 Razz she keeps it all running tho Razz

all banter aside, welcome aboard & good luck
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Date d'inscription : 2016-02-18

PostSubject: Re: GoldenHoops   Thu 12 Apr - 16:35

Hi Golden !
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PostSubject: Re: GoldenHoops   

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